If you post that you will be going on vacation for the next couple of days, it lets potential burglars know that you are not at home and can lead to your home being broken into.Drawn from a collection of 10th grade essays, this article explores the disadvantages of social networking.There are some users who post everything they are doing throughout the day, which can be dangerous.People in general, but mainly teenagers, are spending more time every day on Social Networks, or text messaging on cell phones.

Members of these networks use them daily to communicate, share various types of information or to collaborate with other members.The obesity rate for children will be brought down to acceptable levels because there will be no more televisions to watch while a child stuffs his or her face with potato chips.It has long been a question that whether these services brought more benefits than negative effect to the community.One of the many revolutionary inventions or evolutions is called social networking sites (SNS).

The United States spends a generous 20% of time on social networking websites on the computer and 30% on mobile devices (Popkin).The transmission device is anything that carries a message, including sound waves, light waves, pieces of paper, mobile-phone signals and screens, the Internet, computer monitors, billboards, radio and television signals, and an endless number of additional carriers (Baack, 2012).As of 2009, the United States had 245 million Internet users and it has only increased (United States).It also has a social bookmarking websites, allowing you to keep your favorite websites in one place, as well as all your friends.Batteries can be melted down and broken down parts dumped into land fills.

The bullies are mainly teens, and there are many reasons for it such as anonymity, ignorance of the consequences or social pressure.These days, we can practically do everything online, we can get the latest news, connect with our friends, watch movies, tv shows and live broadcasting and we can even do our shopping using the internet.And how are you possibly threatening a life sentence or even death to something as possessing a device.Facebook removes some of the barriers that may limit our regularity of communication with people, upholding the geographic differences, social class, busy lifestyles and economic factors that may usually discourage us from regular contact.Facebook, being one of many social networking sites, allows people to connect with friends and family in our surroundings and across the seas.Access to technology has become an integral part of education, socialisation and industry related requirements, and accordingly Internet usage is evolving and growing rapidly.A survey revealed that about 43% of U.S teens reported that they were victims of cyber bullying (Wanger, 2008).

Although, providing privacy on the web environment always is a big headache for stakeholders, the magnitude of these concerns is more tangible after considering SNSs characteristics which are number of us.Nowadays, many people are using social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumbler, and so on.Prominent examples of these social sites are Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.We live in times where many things that were once discriminated are now accepted and many kinds of people recognized as members of society and although there are instances that would challenge that notion, it is only a minority.I often watch the news and there is a story of what some celebrity tweeted to their fans or other celebrities.But what about our communication skills the face to face interactions.

Mass Media as Instruments for Political and Social Control

The largest form of technology people use to connect with one another is the Internet where people can participate in, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, LinkedIn, and many other social websites.Carl Bialik focus on the principle behind the creation of social networking sites.

This is actually a great example of satire that is not funny, but still persuades the audience.As with anything, there will be disadvantages and it will be used to do things that it was not originally intended.Facebook is merely a tool to drain the intelligence from teenagers until they are forced to speak in instant messaging jargon- LOL, OMG, TTYL.Here, the subscribers discuss different issues touching on that interest.Here, people that are connected will communicate by word of mouth.

What used to be considered a precious treasure is now the cause of teenage obesity, lack of concentration, inadequate communication, and above all a far less intellectual society.This transformation came about side by side with ideas of online social networks that would enable the interaction of citizens of different countries.

Anyone who has a Facebook, Twitter or Instagram account have seen the user who is logged in all the time.The only day of the year where people are more into themselves because there will be plenty of messages and comments to read on Facebook, rather than celebrating with family at a restaurant for example I exper.I have found myself checking my Facebook page without even thinking about it.All course descriptions carry behind the name and number a parenthesis ( ) indicating the credit hours, essays on obesity in the united states lecture.UKEssays Essays Media Social Media And Networking And The Role Media Essay.Most sites that I visit online has a link to their Facebook page.Social media platforms enable you to create and engage communities online.

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This is the source of what parents are stressing about to their children.Facebook being the largest with over five hundred million active users, from which fifty percent logon daily (Bamnote,Patil,Shejole, 2010, p.151). With the raise in these social networking websites the potential for an attack also raise.

However, some could argue that online social networking may not be essential to modern life, because it may not always be accessible.SOCIAL MEDIA IN SPORTS: A PHENOMENOLOGICAL STUDY OF ATHLETES AND ONLINE COMMUNICATION. by. Garrett M. Bireline. A thesis. presented to Liberty University.Cyber communications have become hugely popular in the last decade, especially those websites that help people to find new or old friends, keep in touch with families, and even help people to find potential dates.Social networking basically is a way of forming relationships with others through the use of computer network.Nonetheless, recently privacy concerns over the social networking sites have taken its peak.Discussion of the political impact of social media has focused on the power of mass protests to topple governments.