Following are some of the techniques for performance appraisal: Graphic rating scale, Straight ranking method, management by objective, field review, critical incidents, essay appraisal methods and 360 degree appraisal.( means that, performance appraisals help the organization or the management in placing the right workforce on the right position for maximum production.

The essay method requires the rater to describe in writing each.This free Management essay on Essay: Performance appraisals is perfect for Management students to use as an example.It is essential for an organisation to undertake different activities so that their employees feel motivated and give their best to the organisation.The fifth and six strategic advantages of performance appraisal include communication and motivation.If you feel you are doing your job well, you usually rate yourself at a 3 or 3.2. To date she has never received a rating from her director being higher than 3.3. There was one rated at 4, which was for (HTP) meaning High Performing Team.

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When the attitude of employees it is positive is positive then they will be satisfied with their job and if their attitude is negative than they will not be satisfiedthey may create unhealthy environment in the peer group.Whereas, a sales organisation might want a mix of the two, as personal preferences of the supervisor will have direct impact on the sales productivity.Performance Appraisal Of Agilent Technology the company average.Individualism is observed in radical critiques as all the decisions are taken by an individual.In other words, employees become aware of the expectation of the organisation and whether they are meeting the expectation of management or not.New jobs can be created mainly for efficient workers in order to utilize their ratings in the delivery of quality work.

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It also helps in giving the efficient framework for assessment and with the help of this framework employees can improve their further performance.It is also more likely that such employees will be better able to meet future performance goals.(Nemoroff, journal of occupational psychology,Vol-52,25-34).

Radical critique is totally different from orthodox critiques.In radical critiques performance appraisal is more paper based process, in other words we can say that while doing performance appraisal manager scores the employee on the basis of data which he has in records about his performance. (class notes).There are more methods of measuring the performance of the employees which will serves as a basis for the rewards, recognitions, benefits and also the pay hikes.Visible, how organisation conduct performance appraisal with the help of different techniques and methods of performance appraisal.It is assumed because the whole performance appraisal process is based on data and facts which are there in records.(class notes).

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Following are the d ifferent techniques for performance appraisal: Graphic rating scale, Straight ranking method, management by objective, field review, critical inci dents, essay appraisal methods and 360 degree appraisal.( is given one by one after making comparison with the other employees, after this the final ranking is given on the basis of overall comparison. ( appraisalIt also helps in identifying the need of training to the employees for their personal development and for their good performance. (ppt saved).Every organisation uses the performance appraisal as tool to motivate their employees and to achieve organisational goals.

This goal drives the relevance of performance appraisal through the assessment of individual potential, hence, giving room for further growth and development.Most of the organisations conduct the performance appraisal by taking into account the key elements like Measurement, Feedback, Positive reinforcement, exchange of views and agreement.HR management essay on: Effective Performance Management Systems.

Performance appraisal aids the management to evaluate training and development programs in order to streamline employees with the expectations of the organization.With reference to human capital which is one of the most crucial resources of an organization, performance is a key factor.Organizations function under one universal business goal of expansion.Sometime manager is the only individual who has to perform many tasks such as performance evaluation, providing feedback, trainings, etc.You write an essay assessment of performance with the narrative and keep a running log describing positive and.To organizations that have and others that consider adapting performance appraisal, six main strategic advantages are at disposal.Performance appraisal process is increasingly being used by organisations.

It will hurt the chances of maximizing gains for both the company and the employee if the following activities are not done beforehand.Performance management is one, which links organisations, individual and departmental goals together.As per the study, that the 87 percent of the organisation has adopted it for identifying the needs of training and development where as 82 percent used to evaluate the performance of an individual employee, 32 percent to ensure that the communication between supervisors and employees is good and 19 percent used that for taking desiciondecision regarding the performance rewards.Performance Appraisal Essays: Over 180,000 Performance Appraisal Essays, Performance Appraisal Term Papers, Performance Appraisal Research Paper, Book Reports. 184.As a forth strategic advantage to an organization, performance appraisal helps supervisors in the understanding of the validity and importance of the selection procedure.