How can you make a circular base using cardboard and how do you remove it.Making your own paper mache trees is a good craft for kids and a cheap way to make theater props or Halloween decorations.You are aiming to get a very smooth surface for painting and decorating.

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Pretty simple to make over a few evenings (drying time) at the coffee table.Shop at Etsy to find unique and handmade paper mache tree related items directly from our sellers.In addition, tearing the paper roughly, as opposed to cutting with scissors, will result in a smoother final appearance.

Paper mache tree idea- this one was for Halloween, but we could do it fun and whimsical instead of creepy.

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Tute Tuesday: Crochet and Knitting Hook Needle Roll Happy 4th of July.From an engineering perspective, I think paper mache is fascinating because it lets you make a mold, or a semi.

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If you want a simple white finish to your project, use plain white paper (instead of primer) for the last two layers.Paint with acrylics, green flocking and add ballast to round.

If that fits with your design needs, then by all means use a box or other container.The Spooky 4-foot Papier Mache Halloween Tree - OCCASIONS AND HOLIDAYS.First, I created a form for the tree out of plain aluminum foil.Paper Mache Christmas Trees are a fun and easy DIY craft with your kids.

Very lightweight scrapbook paper (about 3 8 x 11 sheets per tree).Learn how to make a Paper Christmas Tree craft with this easy step by step tutorial.

On the other hand, if you want the design to be lightweight and easy to hang, then it needs to be made with a balloon.It will need a day or so to completely dry, depending on the size of your piece.It is recommended that you read an activity completely and try it at least once before.I find tearing the pieces of paper, rather than cutting them, gives them a softer edge and helps with a smoother finshed surface.Community Dashboard Random Article About Us Categories Recent Changes.

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When the gesso was dry, I started to paint the whole thing brown.

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I use torn squares of pain brown kraft paper, and plain white glue thinned with water.

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I made this giving tree for a direct donation campaign at my son.

Using thinner strips of paper will result in a smoother, less bumpy finish.

Paper Mache can be pretty messy, so you will want to cover your work surface with some sort of drop cloth.

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Cloth strips are not smooth enough to paint over, and if you do, the paint will lump onto the cloth.After the entire tree is complete, finish off the base by adding paper mache to hide the Styrofoam form.The entire piece was then coated in with crepe paper dipped in papier mache paste.If using cardboard and wrapping paper tubes cut holes near the top and fit tubes.

Find great deals on eBay for papier mache tree and snow globe.I twisted the pieces together to get the shape of the tree and braches.I glued it to a piece of cardboard to create a base, and went at it with my paper mache.Use your fingers to smooth the strips flat and try to wipe off any excess paper mache.