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Before Rita goes to summer school, we find her still struggling with her confidence and transition into the world of education.Firstly as the curtain rises we see frank a man in his early fifties in a room on the first floor of a Victorian built university in the north of England.

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Willy Russel writes about the clash of cultures from each of the English classes.This may either have a negative or positive impact on an individual.When he was five his mum and dad moved to Knowsley, on an estate full of Liverpudlians who taught him how to talk properly.Although Rita has everything she needs, she is dis-satisfied with her life, she wants something more.Through transitioning into the academic world, she gains the courage to challenge social norms and standards to become an individual and make independent decisions.As one experiences new phases in their life, change is an implicit.Her intention is to gain a college education and she largely succeeds in this.It also conveys her love for her son and wish for a new world of reconciliation.When we speak of the way that Rita is educated we speak of two different types of education.

Russell actually makes the play quite interesting and entertaining by using dramatic devices such as the whiskey bottle and the telephone call.Rita wants to explore herself and learn, that is why she goes to University to find a tutor to help her learn.Russell uses humour as a tool to engage and entertain his audience whilst at the same time dealing with serious topics.She has a secure job, after all, and there is no pressure on her to enroll in a program of higher education.

It is about a woman called Rita who feels her life is not fulfilled so she goes to Frank who works at an Open University to tutor her.It allows her to have choice and not conform to the normal working class life.Rita is a protagonist who is eager for knowledge as she believes education has the potential to give her an enhanced position in life.We are able to see this change in Rita as she fought her old-self at summer school when approached by a professor in regards to Ferlinghetti.The relationship between Frank and Rita reaches a crisis point.In Act 2, scene 5 Rita is much more confident and can talk about literature in great detail and with knowledge.This is a powerful and smart way to let the audience or reader to get to know our two characters, their feelings, emotions and thoughts.

What comments is he making by showing us these two very different characters.Transition is the process or period in which someone undergoes a change and passes from one stage to another.The play is set in the same room throughout the whole production but the atmosphere changes dramatically throughout.Furthermore, it explores the perception that through gaining knowledge an individual can obtain empowerment in a modern.Spud comparative self compacting concrete master thesis abreacts his learned Pardi educating rita.

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By interpreting their statements and actions it might be possible to find some kind of conclusion.Rita sees and understands the importance of being well educated, but for Rita, education helps her to overcome her background and break away from the traditional role expected of a woman in the 1970s.

Language and identity are two expressions that need to be explained.

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Frank is a University lecturer in English Literature with a drink problem.Eventually he realised he did not want to end up working in a factory, yet it was to late as there were only six months of school left he did not make an effort, he felt his fate lay in factory work so he spent his day.In the play Educating Rita by Willy Russell we are lead to believe that in the first few scenes Rita and Frank have nothing in common.

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These results are sorted by most relevant first (ranked search).I think the most obvious likeness between the two plays is the theme of education.

In act two scene one there is almost a complete reverse in characters attitude, status and behaviour from the first scene of act one.Rita (Julie Walters) is a twenty-six years old hairdresser from Liverpool who has decided to get an education.

Read this English Essay and over 87,000 other research documents.They are both involved in unsatisfactory relationships, and they both want more from life than it seems to offer.The attraction of two people especially deals with having a relationship.The script of Educating Rita, by Willy Russel, about the transformation of a woman going into the world, is great proof for the persuasion of the statement, as well as a visual text from the Sunday telegraph called, Two Boys in Redfern.The Portrayal of Metamorphosis in Educating Rita by Willy Russell.This is a clear indication that Rita has changed her ways to move into the world of education and her new life.She therefore decides to do an Open University course in English literature.Russell faces many problems when trying to introduce his play such as showing Franks alcohol dependency, Rita striving for a change, showing relationships between Frank and Rita, Frank and Julia and Rita and Denny.

This is because in act one, Rita really admires Frank and wishes she could be just like him because of his vast knowledge.We can clearly notice the drastic change there is in different aspects of her between Act 1 Scene 1 and Act 2 Scene 7.As Rita meets her tutor, Frank for the first time, Russell establishes an immediate contrast between Frank and Rita conveying that they are both from different worlds.The two main characters (and the only ones we actually see) are Frank and Rita.He loathes most of his regular students, and the main function of the rows of classical works that still fill the bookshelves in his office is to hide the whiskey bottles without which he is not able to get through the day and the semesters anymore.Following these scenes the relationship between them changes significantly.